Silver Silk End Caps for Leather or Woven Wire, qty 6 (3pair)


These end caps are high quality and give your project an excellent, professional looking finish.  They are base metal with either Rose Gold Plating or Silver Plating and made in Israel. The rose gold is a great match for any copper wire projects.  They measure 9mm x 4mm with an opening that will accommodate 2mm or 3mm cord (also 2 pieces of 1.5mm).  They pinch close with flat nose pliers tightly.  I do add a little Hypo-Cement or E6000 glue inside before I close them if I think the cord is a little thin - as we all know, 2mm leather cord can range dramatically in actual size.  

You will receive 3 pair with the purchase of qty 1 from this listing.  Please choose your plating in the drop down.