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Beadsmith WrapMaker Pliers


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Simplify wire wrapping with The Beadsmith's WrapMaker pliers. Designed to bend, shape, pull and position wire, this tool does everything you can do with a flat nose plier, including wrapping a bundle of wire in three easy steps. The pliers are made from high-quality steel and built to last. The jaws are polished to prevent marking your wire. They are constructed to have a longer end that securely holds your wire while the shorter jaw is convenient to do the wrapping.

The WrapMaker we sell is the top of the line Wire Elements version longer handle and cushion grips. It features double leaf springs, which aid in hand fatigue often associated with repetitive movements. Additionally, the plier can be comfortably used by both left and right-handed people. To use, hold the bundled wire to be wrapped with the long side of the jaws. Next insert wrap wire as far as possible into the short side of the jaws. Then wrapping the wire around the bundled wire.