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Memory Beads -

Bringing Loved Ones Close

Handmade Glass Beads

Memory beads are uniquely created by hand, one at a time, and infused with a tiny  amount of ashes from a loved one between the layers of glass. Alternately the beads can be made as containers for a small amount of ashes and are closed with epoxy after being filled in the center.

Each memory bead is made with compassion and dignity in our glass studio.  We know these memory beads help hearts find some comfort during the grieving process.  The beads can be artfully made into a beautiful necklace or bracelet or displayed in an elegant stand.  We offer a variety of styles at affordable prices.  You choose the style and color combination.

Contact us to place an order or visit the links to the beads by clicking on the links below the images.

Blue Ripples Memory Bead Container

Kiwi Memory Bead Container

Memory Bead Container with Roses

Memory Bead Stand

Crystalline Memory Pendant (small)

Crystalline Memory Pendant (large)
Mum Memory Bead Pendant