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  • Double Knot Bracelet 12/13

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    Make an knotted wire bracelet with sterling silver or copper for a beautiful bracelet !  The silver bracelet pictured shows the lighter weight wire for beginning students, the copper bracelet pictures the heavier wire for intermediate level.

    Skill: Intermediate Wirework or more Advanced Beginner- Students taking this class will need to have significant hand strength to make these knots, and good tool control.  We will have a smaller gauge wire available if you need to take it down a notch. 

    Class Fee: $25 due upon registration 

    Kit Fee:  $48 for sterling wire, $10 for copper; these are average prices as wrist sizes vary
    Date: Thursday, Dec 13th, 6:00pm - 8:30pm
    Ages: Adult
    Instructor: Jeannie Mulligan