• Freehand Viking Knit Bracelet 8/11


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    Learn how to make a Viking Knit bracelet using a freehand technique with a crochet hook or using the Viking Knit Lazy Daisy tool.  I am excited about the freehand technique because this method allows you to make pieces in different shapes using as many stitches around as you like (i.e. flat bracelets that are 24 or more stitches wide). But the Lazy Daisy tool allows you to make double or triple knits in the future much easier, so both are great to learn.  I incorporated crystals into my knitting which Intermediate weavers can do.  Beginning students will probably want to make a piece without the crystals, but will have the directions and materials to do so on their own.

    Skill:  Beginner or Intermediate level
    Class Fee: $25 due upon registration 
    Kit Fee: $19 for silver plate, rose gold, or other plated metal colors, $54 for sterling silver (average wrist size)

    Additional:  If you have the 1/2" Daisy Viking knit tool and want to use it, bring it with you to class (you can also use the more narrow tool, but your bracelet will be much thinner than the example.  If you want to learn freehand, bring a size 6 (1.6mm) steel crochet hook.   We also have either tool available for purchase here with 10% off for classes.
    Date: Saturday, Aug 11th, 10:30am  - 1:00pm
    Ages: Adult
    Instructor: Teresa Kodatt

    Students may not finish this bracelet during class time but will learn all techniques necessary to finish at home.