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Fused “Stained Glass” Look Heart Class - 2/4 - morning


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Learn to make Valentine hearts from cutting and layering fusible glass.  Made to give the look of stained glass with beautiful colors to choose from, these hearts are gorgeous for hanging in windows with the sun streaming through. Students can make as many hearts as desired or as time allows in the class. Hearts can be hung as singles or made with links to attach to together for a longer display. Students will choose the sizes they wish to make from 3” up to 7” for an individual heart.

Skill: Beginning/intermediate Glass Cutting and Fusing (beginner skill level will limit decoration styles)
Class Fee: $25 due upon registration 

Kit fee: 3” heart $6; 4" $10; 5” $15; 6” $21; 7” $28. Students that want to use large amounts of pink or lavender in their hearts will be charged an additional fee due to the cost of 24kt gold bearing glass.

Date: Saturday, Feb 4th, 10:30am -1:00pm

Ages: Adult
Instructor: Teresa Kodatt 
Fused pieces will not be ready until the next week for pick-up.