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Fused Glass Hyacinth


Build a sparkling, colorful, bouquet of glass blossoms that need no water or care!  Perfect for Mother’s Day or to add sunshine to your home.  Handmade by Teresa Kodatt, these fused glass flowers are sold individually and can be displayed in one of our drilled birch log stands (not included, sold separately here) or you can include them in potted plants and among the flowers in your garden!  To accomplish this display, we fuse a small copper post into the layers of glass in the bottom of the flower.  

Each flower is made with several layers of fusible glass, all hand cut to create one of a kind designs so they have variations as no two are exactly alike.  Your order for a quantity of one will contain one flower. Order multiples to display them in groups as shown in the photos.  Sizes, not including the post at the bottom:

  • Hyacinth are 6 1/2” to 7 1/2” tall,  up to 2 1/2” wide

Use the drop down at the top to choose your Hyacinth colors!

Check back often as I am always adding new ones!  I also take orders if you want a specific design or color, just let me know, and I will do my best to make it for you!  See our Tulips and Lilly of the Valley to add to your “bouquet” under separate listings in Fused Glass Flowers!