Poinsettia Fused Glass Christmas Trees


Build a sparkling whimsical forest with fused glass trees!  Handmade and designed by Teresa Kodatt, each tree starts from a hand cut piece of dark ginko green or bright Christmas green glass.  Each one is then layered with cut pieces of red, light green or white glass to create poinsettia flowers and leaf decorations. Tiny pieces of crushed glass frit is added to give them a dusting of holiday snow!  We precisely fuse the layers of glass together in a kiln at just the right temperature to preserve the look of the individual pieces while making each tree a strong, solid piece.

Each tree has a copper post fused into the bottom to allow them to be displayed individually or in groups in our birch stands which are sold separately: click here. Alternatively we can remove the copper post for you and add a loop for hanging if you prefer.  Choose the size of the tree and your preference for display in the drop down options at the top.

Check back often for new sizes or contact us for the size you wish and I will do my best to make it for you!